CUDEC Group is an institution that is continually being renewed allowing education is understood as an innovative process which can not "have different results doing the same." Against this background and aware of the challenges facing today's society of the XXI century, it has decided to create a new institution in which paradigms are broken and achieve create new ways to develop and promote the talents of students, respecting their personal characteristics (personal design) and their own educational process: TALEMTED.

TALEMTED has as pedagogical principles as follows:


Our educational work is based on the Systemic Pedagogy with an inclusive, respectful and loving look that integrates the Human Design as a valuable tool to know and understand differently to our students within the spaces in which they operate. Also, "bridges" and ties with families so that together the academic process favors students are looking at education as a system in which teachers, students and parents are involved are created.
TALEMTED is the school in which the great talents of children potentiate taking into account the characteristics of each student and particularly, is a space for personal growth whose goal is that students are happy. biological, social, psychological and spiritual: in TALEMTED the comprehensive development of children in all its dimensions becomes important.
Therefore, one of our main thrusts is the emotional development of students, as from this, you can have another look at the learning process, achieving a balance impacting favorably in each of the situations solving by students.